Keep up with my pace, if you can

Don't lag, Wile E Coyote, cause I'm roadrunner fast.

24 September

I want, I want to finally meet you
Something real to cling to
Leave you with the hope that
You will go do all you're meant to
All I've failed to
In you, is a world of promise
We have both been kept in bondage
But you can learn from all my failures

I'm Akira, a pretty spastic teenager, with- of course- the hormonal ups and downs that come with adolescense :p I love blogging and journalling in general, because documenting my life and how I am can be really interesting when I'm older, and looking back to how crazy I used to be :p Not to mention the fact that I'm extremely paranoid about forgetting things that are important to me XD

I'm a really right-brained person, into music, writing, even some mediums of art. Flute is my primary instrument, though I did start playing piano five years earlier~ One of my biggest dreams is to play on stage with a big, prestigious orchestra, and have people listening to my superior tone quality, saying "Oh my stars, when will I be able to play like her?" XD I'm also working on a self-instigated novella, which I've been writing for a year so far - I really love developing personalitites and storylines, and just living out my dreams through fictional characters~

^Up there, from my interests, you can tell that I'm ~really~ into Kpop and Korean lifestyle/culture, and I do write Kpop fanfic and listen to every new release the moment it comes out!

Oh, and though I'm wayyy too old for it, I'm totally in love with Disney, and Barbie, and anything fairy-tale and princess related, anything at all, from dolls, to games, to movies, to novels that are gothic/modern/more romantic spinoffs from fairytales!~~

If we have anything in common, let's be friends!~ //